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Will a corona passport soon be required to travel freely in the EU?

EU leaders will meet via video next week for a corona summit. Leaders will discuss the possibility of allowing people who have been vaccinated against corona to travel freely in the EU. The southern holiday countries in particular want to introduce a corona passport.

The reason these countries are so enthusiastic is because they can welcome tourists back to their country.

Access without mandatory quarantine

The idea is that vaccinated travelers can enter the country without a mandatory quarantine. Also, taking a negative Covid-19 test would no longer be an obligation. EU sources confirm that the issue is under discussion, but it is still very sensitive. Not everyone is eligible for the vaccine yet. That is why such a document could lead to discrimination. Moreover, there are also privacy concerns when it comes to the so-called corona passport.

The corona passport is a stimulation for vaccination

According to Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, this would encourage people to take the vaccine against Covid-19. He writes this in a letter to the European Commission in which he argues for a European recognized corona passport. While this may be an incentive for humans, there is also the danger that false vaccination passports will crop up, critics say.

The Netherlands is reluctant about corona passport

According to an expert, our country is still a bit reticent when it comes to the use of a vaccination certificate. Moreover, there is still great uncertainty about the duration of the immunity after vaccination. In addition, it is still unclear whether a vaccinated person can still be contagious, according to The Hague.

The 27 European member states regularly consult with each other at different levels about the pandemic. The top meeting on January 21 will include the vaccination campaigns and the new corona variants. Whether we will only be able to travel with a corona passport in the future is still the question.

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Will a corona passport be required to travel freely in the EU?


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