Will petrol and diesel be rationed soon?

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And the shortage of petrol, diesel and other petroleum products seems to be getting worse. Shell has now announced that it will restrict sales in Germany. Cause: Since Tuesday, the Dutch oil giant no longer purchases oil on the Russian market. This puts the company under a lot of pressure, since it gets around six percent of its oil purchases from Russia.

Shell’s action only affects the spot market

Do we now have to reckon with the fact that gas stations will soon be out of fuel? It doesn’t seem to have gotten that far yet: the measures taken by the global corporation currently only affect the so-called “spot market”. That means: Deliveries to partners with fixed supply contracts are not affected by the sales stop.

However, if a major customer wants to buy Shell’s petroleum products “on the spot,” they could get caught. Since the company’s petrol station customers mostly have long-term supply contracts, the supply of petrol and diesel in Germany is not jeopardized by the sales ban. Naturally, Shell prefers to supply its own filling station network.

Ration gas stations on Austria’s Hungarian border

All levers are being set in motion “to stabilize the supply chains as best as possible”, but it is difficult to predict how the situation will develop, said Shell. Bottlenecks at petrol stations have not yet been reported.
Only in border areas were there gaps in supply due to increased tank tourism. So some Hungarians rationed gas stations fuel after a large number of Austrian drivers took advantage of the price differential.

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