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Will Smith film production leaves Georgia due to controversial voting law | Entertainment

With the introduction of the new law, the voting policy in the state will be overhauled. People who vote in the absence of others have shorter time to cast their votes and also have to do so in polling stations with fewer ballot boxes. The distribution of free food and drink to voters who are in the queue, among other things, would also be labeled a crime.

Producers Antoine Fuqua and Will Smith said in a statement that they “cannot in good conscience provide economic support to a government that enacts laws that impede voting.” According to them, the new voting law in Georgia is reminiscent of the post-Civil War era when many Americans were prevented from voting. “Unfortunately, we therefore feel compelled to move production of our film from Georgia to another state.”

The recordings of Emancipation were to start on June 21. In the film, based on true events of the Civil War, Smith plays Peter, a fugitive slave who leaves Louisiana in search of freedom. It is not yet known where production will be moved.


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