Will Smith hints at political career: “I’ll definitely do my part”

Well-known heads have been exchanging their television careers for a career in politics for years. And Will Smith seems to hint that he might be on that list one day. The actor says he does not yet have any concrete plans. But he will “certainly do his part.”

Will Smith released a brand new docuseries on Netflix about two weeks ago. It got the title Amend: The Fight For America and is about the fight for equal rights in the United States. Smith hosts the miniseries. It tells the story through the lens of the 14th Amendment.

“That 14th Amendment is actually at the heart of what we think when we see ourselves as Americans,” Will Smith explained during Pod Save America. That’s a podcast with actor / director Jon Favreau. “The 14th Amendment makes it clear that all Americans are equal before the law.”


With Amend Smith wants to reveal to the world how dangerous racism can be. Especially when you know little about it. “Ignorance can be dealt with. Mischief is a more difficult problem. Fortunately, ignorance is much more common when it comes to racism. ”

The Bad Boysactor is optimistic. Because the Black Lives Matter movement has made many Americans think. “I am hopeful,” said the podcast. “I believe that people can understand each other and that everyone can live together in harmony.”

Political arena

That’s a good point of view for a politician, Jon Favreau remarks. And Will Smith insists that he may one day want a political career. “I will certainly do my part”, it sounds. “Whether that remains artistic or ever expands to a career in the political arena.”

So it doesn’t look like Will Smith will face Kanye West in 2024. The rapper / entrepreneur was one of the presidential candidates in the recent elections. Kanye did not become president. But he immediately announced that he would also run in 2024.

Amend can be found on Netflix. Tired of it and looking for something different? These are the 50 best series on Netflix!


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