Will Tesla be able to approve its strange steering wheel?

After the presentation of the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X reviewed, a question remains around the wheel. Can it be approved as is, despite its particular shape, on the European market? Tesla confirms that the current approval is that of the American market, and has yet to confirm it for the Old Continent.

The steering wheel of the new Tesla Model S and the new Tesla Model X has brought its share of questions. The completely revised interior of the sedan and SUV indeed sports a yoke, similar in form to an airliner control.

In fact, the texts leave the door open to this type of steering wheel. According to a European directive, the only three obligations for the steering wheel concern the steering column. It must be easy to handle and the direction of actuation must correspond to the desired direction of direction. Finally, there must be a “Continuous and monotonic relationship between control angle and steering angle”.

What ergonomics for the new sedan and the new SUV?

However, one can ask the question of the ergonomics of such a choice. We already knew that the yoke profile was of great interest to Tesla, since the Roadster was equipped with a very sporty steering wheel sporting this shape. But we did not necessarily imagine the manufacturer to implement it on models much less elitist.

Will it be practical to handle on the roads, in real conditions? One can imagine that this interior was designed more for main roads and highways than for urban and mountainous environments. A steering wheel without an upper part seems in any case less practical for maneuvers, whatever they are.


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