Will Tesla reach its production target on the wire in 2020?

As he has become accustomed to at the end of the year, Elon Musk urged his “troops”, asking them to redouble their efforts to achieve the very ambitious goal that he assigned to them for 2020: 500,000 cars produced and sold in the year.

Despite the health crisis that has brought the entire auto industry to its knees, Tesla has maintained its target of delivering half a million cars this year.
In a recent email sent to his staff, Elon Musk suggests that it is possible to achieve this goal, but that it will take a significant effort to achieve it.

In 2019, the manufacturer had sold 367,500 cars. If it fulfills its promise for 2020, this would therefore represent a 36% growth in annual sales, in a market yet depressed by the health crisis. Another spectacular increase after the 50% increase in production recorded at the end of 2019 compared to the previous year.

To meet the target, Tesla is expected to sell more than 181,000 vehicles this quarter. A real challenge as it would take 40,000 more units than the record quarterly deliveries beaten in the previous period.
The boss of the company seems quite optimistic, however. Earlier this month, he told his staff he saw a ” strong demand For the brand’s cars and that production needed to be stepped up. ” Let us show all those who criticized us for calling the half million cars sold goal impossible, that they were wrong. »He wrote in his last email. ” Whether they have to hell with it, we will succeed “.

Speed ​​up deliveries

In his email, Musk also asks for a “ special effort to ensure that cars leaving the production lines are delivered immediately and without loss of time “.
We remember the extraordinary scenes of the year spent in front of the doors of the Fremont factory on New Year’s Eve. Elon Musk himself and his mother had come to cheer on their staff who had devoted themselves to making last-minute deliveries, and to greet future Tesla owners who waited in line. The end of last year indeed corresponded to the end of certain public aid measures for the purchase of Tesla. If they were not delivered on time, the future owners of the cars therefore lost the benefit of the tax benefits. As this incentive no longer exists this year, the same scenario should in principle not happen again.

The boss of Tesla ends his recent email with a more friendly and encouraging note for his staff: ” I hope everyone can spend time with their loved ones this holiday season and have an amazing year 2021 “.

And you, do you think Tesla will achieve its goal? Give us your opinion in the comments below.


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