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Will the 2021 Oscars – like many film releases – be postponed?

It appears that the Oscars will not continue on February 28, 2021, as planned. Many film releases have been postponed because of the corona crisis, and even the new (temporary) rules introduced by The Academy do not seem to be enough.

The corona crisis has forced the entire world to twist. The film industry is also experiencing major consequences from the (almost) worldwide lockdown. A lot of recordings are frozen, and because cinemas have to keep the doors closed, several releases have also been postponed.

All these things will of course have major consequences for the next presentation of the Oscars. The major film awards in the world are normally presented on February 28. But even if it is safe to organize such an event by then, it could look completely different.

New (temporary) rule

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences changed its rules temporarily earlier this year. Normally, films have to premiere in the cinema to be nominated for an Oscar. That’s why Martin Scorsese prints his latest print The Irishman briefly hit theaters before it became available on Netflix.

Since the cinemas have been closed since mid-March, it is impossible to premiere films there. Many filmmakers then decide to immediately release their print to the world via streaming platforms. And “streaming movies” are coming too – only at the next edition of the Oscars! – eligible for an Oscar nomination.


But it seems that the new rule may not completely save the next Oscar ceremony. Several sources went to the American entertainment magazine Variety with the message that the Oscars of February 28, 2021 are likely to be postponed. They did not know when the ceremony would take place.

Okay, February 28 is nine months away. And it seems that events may be organized by then. But the presentation of the Oscars is of course not just “an event”. The ceremony attracts a huge number of spectators, and hundreds of people are also active behind the scenes.

Moreover, it is not at all sure what the film world will look like then? In addition, it is still far from certain that enough films have been released to ensure healthy competition. Because without competition, it is of course no fun for anyone to win an Oscar.


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