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Will you soon have to pay to use Facebook and Instagram?

Will you soon have to pay to use Facebook and Instagram? Threatening messages that iPhone and iPad users receive on their device do indicate that, it reports AD.

iPhone and iPad users who have downloaded the latest software update iOS 14.5 will now receive this notification. With this new version, it is mandatory for Facebook and Instagram, as with other apps, to request permission to track users’ data. The advertisements can be improved with these users.

Facebook and Instagram for free

The message explains why it is so important that these social media can track your data: To personalize advertisements for the user, to help companies reach customers better and … To keep Facebook or Instagram free.

Collect data from Facebook

The collection of user data is therefore important for advertisements and therefore for the revenues of the social network, which also includes Whatsapp. So if you do not give permission to collect that data, Facebook earns too little from you. If too many users do not give permission, there is a good chance that CEO Mark Zuckerberg will one day ask for money to use his social network.

Privacy switch

On the other hand, Apple is committed to protecting the privacy of its users. That is why app makers must request permission in advance to collect information. This is done with a so-called privacy switch, which Facebook has been resisting for a long time. However, it failed to stop the switch.

Facebook claims Apple is making it difficult for small businesses to reach customers with targeted ads on the platform. The social network goes so far as to accuse Apple of “destroying the free internet.” The Information reports that Facebook wants to file a lawsuit against Apple for abuse of power.

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Will you soon have to pay to use Facebook and Instagram?


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