‘William and Harry relationship on the mend’

“They have zoomed and called a lot with each other, to keep abreast of the situation in both England and America. They also sent each other gifts for the children at Christmas. Because they were both at home for months due to the corona virus,” they have been able to think about certain things. And they have come to the conclusion that they both think it is important to reconnect, even if it is now only virtual, “said royal expert Katie Nicholl.

A year ago, William and Harry hardly spoke to each other and there was a lot of disagreement. William was so angry with his brother at the time that he couldn’t see or air him. They had lunch with the Queen and the rest of the family, but William only sat there out of respect for his grandmother. He couldn’t take it. that Harry left him and the family. “

For the time being, Harry and Meghan are planning to come to England next summer, if that is ‘corona-technical’. That would be the first time the brothers are reunited. Harry said before that they are both taking a different path now, but I think that actually makes them stronger. Harry has really become much more his own person and William now also knows how to find his way without Harry next to him. fine with those two. “


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