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Anyone who loves their car takes care of it. Often it is therefore not necessary to drive to the car wash or consult a professional vehicle preparer every time. But how does the uncomplicated vehicle maintenance work for a quick break in between? We have just the thing for you. AUTO BILD and Morris Fenderbaum invite you to the big care day in Hamburg. Under the guidance of care experts find out in your own vehicle how the ready-to-use products from Morris Fenderbaum achieve optimal interim cleaning and sustainable vehicle care. Whether cockpit or leather care, glass or wheel rim contamination: the experts will show you the right cleaning agent for every special case.

It is sprayed, wiped and polished: you put the products through their paces on your own vehicle.

You can win that

Win an exclusive maintenance workshop and get to know the efficient product range from Morris Fenderbaum. The arrival to the event in Hamburg is on the evening of October 21st, 2021. On October 22nd, the care day will take place and you will lay on your automobile treasure under expert guidance self Hand on. Can the products convince you? We are excited for your opinion. Meals and accommodation are included in the prize, you only have to organize the arrival and departure yourself.

Here’s how you can participate

Have we piqued your interest? Apply with your vehicle for the maintenance day with Morris Fenderbaum and AUTO BILD. To participate, simply click on the following link and enter your details in the contact form on the participation page. Much luck! The closing date for participation is October 13, 2021.

The big AUTO BILD maintenance day with Morris Fender tree

The care products from Morris Fenderbaum

Vehicle cleaner Highperformance 3.0
The Morris Fender Tree Highperformance 3.0 vehicle cleaner is a waterless vehicle cleaner and detailer in one. It cleans, maintains and protects vintage cars, rims made of steel and aluminum as well as modern effect paints without water or foam. It is simply sprayed on, wiped off and thus responsibly protects the groundwater and does not lead to rust on the vehicle, as no water runs through the seals in the headlights and doors.

The Morris Fenderbaum product range is available to you for the big care test day in Hamburg.

Aluminum and chrome cleaners
High-quality aluminum wheels, chrome components and details made of brushed aluminum in the interior: With the aluminum and chrome cleaner professional quality from Morris Fenderbaum, you can clean, maintain and protect everything from rust that makes your vehicle appear sporty and individual. In Just three simple work steps give the delicate and fine metal parts a noble shine in no time – spray on, wipe off, polish briefly – done.

Glass and surface cleaner
Windshields only fulfill their purpose reliably if they are streak-free, without streaks and smears. With the Morris Fenderbaum professional quality glass and surface cleaner, a professional tool comes into your hands that is ready for use at any time and immediately ensures a clear view and flawless glass surfaces. The product can also be used to clean plastic parts. Its performance is based on the use of ammonia, not alcohol. It therefore does not remove any plasticizers from the plastics and thus prevents cracking. Simply spray on, wipe off – done.

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