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Of course we can all save more. Electricity here, gas there, more pancakes, less meat. But aren’t we already doing this? And what’s at the gas station? Many of us need our cars: there are 20 million commuters in Germany, seven out of ten mostly drive by car. You can’t just change your life over there. We have something for you so that you grin when you fill up and don’t look angry at the price: The Avia gas station chain is giving away 350 fuel vouchers worth 50 euros each exclusively at AUTO BILD!

The petrol station chain Avia is giving away 250 fuel vouchers worth 50 euros each exclusively at AUTO BILD!

How to take part in the competition

Call us and tell us the keyword TANKEN, your name, your address and phone number at:
01379-12 50 05*

Send an SMS with the following text to the short code 40400**: TANK, TANKEN, your name, your address.

Closing date is the Apr 18, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. The winners will be sent the fuel card, including directions to the nearest Avia petrol station! Much luck!

Legal recourse and cash payment are excluded. Employees of Axel Springer SE, its subsidiaries and the companies involved in the competition may not participate. Participation is possible from the age of 18 and with residence in Germany. Entries made by contracted service providers for their customers/members are expressly excluded.
* 50 cents/call from all German networks
** 50 cents/SMS

Even more tank fillings

Uniti is the federal association of medium-sized mineral oil companies in Germany, representing almost 6000 gas stations. The experts there deal with what will run out of the fuel nozzle in the future: will it be e-fuels, fuel from green electricity? Doesn’t that burn too? Yes, but just as much CO2 free, as was taken from the air during manufacture. And it works with today’s engines, with today’s tankers, with today’s filling stations. Big catch so far: you need a lot of electricity to produce e-fuels, so it has to be green! Uniti is launching a major information campaign about the fuel of tomorrow and is also giving away 130 fuel vouchers with a total value of 30,000 euros. You have to answer five questions. Winning tickets are available when you fill up, you can also take part here:

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