Winamp: Original skin will be auctioned as NFT

Winamp is auctioning nearly 2,000 artworks based on the original music player skin as NFTs for charity.

The developers of the cult music player Winamp want to raise money for charity by auctioning off NFTs. NFT stands for Non-fungible Token and denotes a specific item in the blockchain. NFTs are unique and non-divisible and can, for example, define the equivalent value of a physical item or a digital work of art.

Proceeds go to charitable projects

The original Winamp skin from 1997 is scheduled to be auctioned on the NFT platform Opensea from May 16 to 22, 2022. A separate auction will soon follow with 1,997 more NFTs based on 20 artworks derived from the original Winamp skin graphics. The Winamp Foundation intends to donate the proceeds from the auctions to charitable organizations and projects, including the Belgian Music Fund.

20 artists will be selected

Artists have until April 15 to submit their work based on the Winamp skin. The Winamp Foundation selects the best of them and auctions them off in May. Nineteen artworks are to be sold as NFTs in an edition of 100, with the remaining artwork being issued 97 times. Each of the works of art is said to cost 0.08 Ethereum, which corresponds to around 203 euros at the current rate. The artists get a 20 percent share of the proceeds. If they resell, they get 10 percent of the royalties.

Winamp relaunch planned for 2022

Winamp started in the 1990s as a playback software for MP3 files. In 1999 the software was acquired by AOL and sold to Radionomy in 2014. The developers are planning a comprehensive releaunch for Winamp this year.

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