Windows 10 & 11: Microsoft brings important repair updates – how to install them

Microsoft has released optional updates for Windows 10 and Windows 11 and for Windows Server 2022 that fix a number of issues. How to install the patches.

Microsoft has released optional updates for Windows 11 with KB5014668 and for Windows 10 with KB5014669, IT news site Bleeping Computer reports. The updates are a preview of the next cumulative update that Microsoft will bring to the next patch day in July 2022.

The updates bring that

KB5014668 and KB5014669 are interesting for those Windows users who experience, for example, that their games crash or that they cannot upgrade to the latest Windows version. The updates are also interesting for users with Bluetooth problems. The patches are designed to fix problems like this. So if your Windows 11 or Windows 10 is running properly, you don’t have to install KB5014668/KB5014669, you can calmly wait for the next patch day.

These are “C Updates”

KB5014668 and KB5014669 are currently so-called “C updates”. With “C updates” like this, users can test bug fixes and performance improvements before they become part of the next regular patch day update. However, “C Updates” never contain critical security updates, so they never close serious security gaps.

In addition to the bug fixes mentioned above, the updates bring further improvements and error corrections, you can read the details in the respective description of the update:

KB5014668 for Windows 11

KB5014669 for Windows 10

KB5014665 for Windows Server 2022

How to install the updates

Go to “Windows Update” in the Windows settings and click on the “Check for updates” button. Select the desired patch from the hit list and download it. Alternatively, download the patches directly from the Microsoft Update Catalog here:




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