Windows 10: Hide the “Discuss now” icon in the taskbar

With more and more users, the new “discuss now” icon appears in the taskbar. Here’s how to get rid of it.

Microsoft had already announced a few months ago that there was a new addition in the Windows 10 taskbar with the “discuss now” icon. It must have taken a long time for the new “discuss now” icon to appear among Windows 10 users. On our test computer, for example, only after the latest cumulative updates for Windows 10, which Microsoft released at the same time as the patch day in January 2021. After the mandatory restart, the icon was there. The time has come to figure out how to get rid of it.

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What is the “Discuss now” icon for?

By clicking on the icon, users should be able to start or join video conversations with friends and family more easily. All you need to do is click on the new camera icon to start a corresponding Meet Now via Skype.

During the global corona pandemic, the use of video conference tools increased massively, from which Zoom, among others, benefited. Skype Meet Now (called “Discuss” in the German version of Skype) was introduced as an innovation in Skype in December 2019. The easier access to this function via the Windows 10 taskbar is intended to encourage users to use the function more often – instead of switching to competing products.

And so you get rid of the “Discuss now” icon

The question arises, of course, how do you remove this “discuss now” entry in the taskbar? The easiest way:

  1. Right-click on the taskbar and select “Taskbar Settings” from the context menu

  2. In the “Taskbar” settings click on the link “Activate or deactivate system icons”

  3. In the new settings screen, switch the switch for “Discuss now” from “On” to “Off”. You can also use the opportunity to check whether and which other system symbols are required at all.

It is even faster if you simply right-click on the “Discuss now” icon and then select “Hide” in the context menu. You can then show the icon again in the way described above by switching the corresponding switch from “Off” to “On”.


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