Windows 10 May update: View and reset data usage

The new Build 2004 of Windows 10 brings some minor changes, including the network functions.

You will now find a direct link to the “Properties” of your network connection in the “Settings” of Windows under “Network and Internet” on the “Status” page. There is also a display for the volume of data that has rushed through your network adapter during the last 30 days. If you click on “Data usage” there, you will also find out which applications caused how much network traffic. In the same window you can also set the counter to zero: Scroll down the list and click on “Reset usage statistics”. Windows will now ask again to be on the safe side. As soon as you have confirmed the process with “Reset”, the old value will be deleted.

Windows 10 2004 shows you in its


Windows 10 2004 shows you in its “Settings” which data volume has flowed over your network in the past 30 days.


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