Windows 10 Patch Day: These are the innovations in August

In addition to bug fixes and security gaps, Patch Day also brought new functions for users. All innovations at a glance.

Like every second Tuesday of the month, Microsoft released an update for Windows 10 yesterday. One focus is the elimination of security gaps, you can find more information on this in our article. The current version number is KB5015878. In addition, some new functions and improvements have also been made available to users:

  • Allows you to receive important notifications when focus assist is enabled. Focus assist is like a do not disturb mode that hides notifications.

  • Restores functionality for Windows Autopilot deployment scenarios affected by the hardware recycle security mitigation. This update removes the one-time use restriction for Self-Deploying Mode (SDM) and Pre-Provisioning (PP). This update also enables the display of user principal names (UPN) in user-driven mode (UDM) deployments for approved manufacturers.

  • Addresses an issue that causes certain docking stations to lose internet connection when waking up from sleep mode.

  • Adds features that improve OS upgrade.

  • Addresses an issue that could cause video clip playback to fail in games that use DX12.

  • Addresses an issue affecting certain games that use the XAudio API to play sound effects.

  • Addresses an issue that affects the height of the search box when using multiple monitors with different resolutions.

  • Addresses an issue that prevents certain troubleshooting tools from opening.

Patch Day: Microsoft closes 121 vulnerabilities – 0-day vulnerability in diagnostic tool

Microsoft announced the new features on its support website.

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