Windows 10: Patchday update causes problems – including data loss!

An update released for patch day in May can cause problems on Windows 10 computers.

After it was announced yesterday that an update released for patch day in May 2022 is causing problems with Windows 11, it now looks as if the last patch day could also have unpleasant consequences for Windows 10 users.

The IT news magazine Windowslatest reports that patch KB5013942 is causing problems on Windows 10 computers. This patch is part of the Windows 10 Cumulative May Update and is installed by default on the following systems:

According to this, affected users report that they can no longer start the Windows Event Viewer (German: Event Viewer) after installing KB5013942. With the Event Viewer you can track everything that has happened on the Windows computer, for example login attempts, status changes in the network connection or warning and error messages for the Windows system and apps.

Most Windows users should probably be able to live with the problem of the Event Viewer no longer starting, but KB5013942 also seems to remove files or make them unusable.

Microsoft has compiled some known issues in the KB5013942 support document under the “Known issues in this update” section. In any case, it is worth taking a look at this document if problems should arise after installing the updates from the last patch day on Windows 10 computers.

Patchday: Current Windows update causes apps to crash – this is how you solve the problem!

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