Windows 10: Update may damage audio function

The update KB5016616 from the Microsoft patch day in August can lead to audio problems. The solution varies from case to case.

Microsoft has confirmed that the KB5016616 update provided for Windows 10 for patch day in August 2022 can disable the audio function on the Windows 10 computer. This is what Windowslatest reports. In some cases, the audio output can also stutter. Another error means that KB5016616 cannot be installed at all.

Microsoft explained in the support document for KB5016616 that the update could damage the audio drivers and some devices would no longer have audio functionality after the update. However, the specific error pattern can vary from device to device. In some cases, the audio problems would only occur with certain ports, audio devices or only within certain apps. KB5016616 would usually cause problems if the “audio enhancements” function was switched off before installing the update.

How to solve the problem

Microsoft wants to fix this problem on some devices with a Known Issue Rollback (KIR). You can read more about this here. The installation of the KIR can be initiated more quickly by restarting the computer. In all other cases, the repair recommendations given by Windowslatest may help. Among other things, you should update your sound drivers before installing the update. If you have already installed update KB5016616 and are having audio problems, you should switch off all enhancements in the Windows sound settings.

Windows: Critical repair update causing problems

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