Windows 10: Update solves file copy brake and other problems

With KB5014023, an update has been released for Windows 10, which fixes various problems. The most important information.

Microsoft has released the new cumulative update KB5014023 for Windows 10 for download. It is initially available in a preview version and will then probably be delivered to all users via Windows Update on the next patch day. The update is interesting because it fixes some annoying bugs in Windows 10. This includes:

  • A bug that causes files to copy more slowly

  • A “rare” problem that causes Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Outlook to refuse to start

  • A problem that prevents Internet shortcuts from being updated

  • An issue affecting the IE mode window frame

  • An issue affecting certain GPUs that can cause applications to close unexpectedly or experience display issues when those applications use Direct3D 9.

Anyone affected by one of these bugs should consider installing the preview version of KB5014023. If new problems occur as a result, the update can then be uninstalled later.

Get KB5014023 earlier here

If you want to receive KB5014023 faster, you can also download the update here in the Microsoft Update Catalog and install it manually. The download size is between 320 and 700 megabytes.

KB5014023 is available for all supported Windows 10 versions, i.e. Windows 10 Version 21H1, Windows 10 Version 21H2 and Windows Server Version 20H2. Depending on the Windows version used, the build number increases to 19042.1741, 19043.1741 or 19044.1741 after installation.

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