‘Windows 10X delayed for now, may never come’

It is even likely that the operating system will no longer appear in its current form at all, writes IT expert site Petri. The simplified version of Windows was originally scheduled to be released in 2020 for Microsoft’s folding PC Surface Neo. However, the Surface Neo was abruptly delayed last year.

The operating system was initially developed to work well on two screens. For example, the start screen filled an entire screen and the buttons on the desktop were centered at the bottom of a bar.

‘Customers want something different’

The development of Windows 10X is said to have been delayed due to the corona crisis. At the time, the intention was that the operating system would first be ready for single-screen devices. Then the Surface Neo would follow.

Sources from Petri say Microsoft has been pulling its hands off 10X for the time being since the beginning of this year and turning its attention back to Windows 10. The company would now be working to transfer functions from 10X to Windows 10. According to the sources, customers would be interested in this.


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