Windows 11: App restore function makes new installations easier

Setting up Windows 11 on a new computer will soon be much easier. Because Microsoft is developing a restore function for Windows apps.

Microsoft is preparing a function for Windows 11 that should significantly speed up the process of setting up a new computer. Because the Microsoft App Store is getting a function with which Windows apps that have been installed under Windows 11 can be restored immediately on a newly set up Windows 11 PC. Microsoft introduced the new feature at its ongoing Build 2022 developer conference in this post.

The user then does not have to select the desired apps again and install them individually on their new computer. This not only saves time, but also avoids errors. App developers, on the other hand, no longer have to fear that users will forget to install their apps after changing their PC.

So far, the Microsoft Store has not provided such an app restore function. With the innovation, Microsoft obviously wants to make it easier to switch from an old Windows 11 computer to a new Windows 11 PC. In particular, users who frequently renew or replace their computers will benefit from the innovations. The new function also makes life easier for developers, who often work with test environments in virtual machines or on several computers at the same time.

The new app restore function is not yet available. However, Microsoft wants to make them available to testers of the Windows Insider Preview channel soon.

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