Windows 11: Back to the old Explorer context menu

The context menu of Windows 11 Explorer leaves a lot to be desired. However, one can easily revert to the old version.

Microsoft has reduced the context menus of the desktop and Windows Explorer. Only the most important options are displayed. A clearer menu is desirable, but those who frequently use context menu entries, for example from 7-Zip or other programs, must now also click on “Show more options”. However, the Windows 10 context menu can be restored:

Step 1:

Start Regedit from Win-R and go to


Step 2:

Create the new key (right click)


and in it the key InprocServer32.

Step 3:

For “InprocServer32” open the string “Standard” in the right part of the window with a double click. The field under “Value” remains empty.

Step 4:

Restart Windows Explorer via the task manager. In Windows Explorer you will now see the familiar context menu of Windows 10.

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