Windows 11: File Explorer gets important improvements

Microsoft has given the Windows 11 File Explorer a long-awaited innovation and further detailed improvements. These are the new features.

File Explorer gets tabs

File Explorer gets tabs. This is not a surprise, but has been known to insiders for several test versions of Windows 11. But now this innovation, which many Windows users would like to see, is on the home stretch to soon reach the computers of all Windows 11 users, as The Verge reports. Microsoft showed the innovations at a “hybrid work event”, where the company also presented an exciting new security feature for Windows 11.

Tabs in File Explorer.

You can then open multiple tabs in a single Explorer window and switch back and forth between them at any time – just like in the browser. The tabs can also be arranged or moved as desired. Tabs should make working with File Explorer noticeably easier. Well-known file managers such as Total Commander have long offered tabs in addition to the proven two-window view. All of these measures are designed to help users find the folders or files they want faster.

Incidentally, in Windows 10, Microsoft had already experimented with tabs within Windows 10 apps and also within the file explorer. But the tabs never made it into the final version of Windows 10.

File Explorer gets favorites and better sharing features

Microsoft also gives Windows 11’s File Explorer favorites. You can then click on a file with the right mouse button and add it as a favorite to the “Homepage” (i.e. the start page) of the File Explorer via the corresponding menu item in the context menu of the right mouse button. In addition, Microsoft is expanding the sharing options in File Explorer so that you can send files faster via applications such as Teams, Outlook.

Favorites for File Explorer.

However, it is unknown when Microsoft will make the new File Explorer available to all Windows 11 users. Perhaps the File Explorer improvements are part of Windows 11 version 22H2 (Sun Valley 2).

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