Windows 11 gets new taskbar search boxes

Microsoft is currently experimenting with new search fields in the taskbar of its Windows 11 operating system.

In the latest Insider Preview of Windows 11, Microsoft is currently testing new search fields for the Windows 11 taskbar. In order to be able to use the search that was already found in Windows 10 in build 25158, it must first be activated via the Vive tool , which is offered as a free download via Github.

This activates the search box

After the Vive archive has been unpacked, the folder must be opened with a right click in the Windows Terminal. From the terminal prompt, users need to enter the following command: “vivetool / enable / id:36302090 / variant:“. After the colon, there are five different variables to choose from. 1 and 2 correspond to the search as text, 3 represents the search as a magnifying glass over a globe, 4 corresponds to a large globe with a small magnifying glass and 5 shows the “search the web” function as text.

Final release still unclear

The new search in the taskbar was already used in Windows 10 and could now find its way into Windows 11 in a future update. It is still unclear when the search will be available in the final version for Windows 11. The function would be conceivable as a feature drop, but could also appear with Windows 11 23H2 or Windows 11 22H2.

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