Windows 11: Media Player rips audio CDs again

The media player in Windows 11 has been enhanced with features that make it possible to rip audio CDs again.

In the early 2000s, the media player in Windows was the go-to place when it came to ripping audio CDs. Now the long-lost feature is making a comeback on Windows 11. Microsoft has rolled out new features for the media player under Windows 11 in the Dev Channel intended for developers, which also include the camera app.

At the push of a button on the PC

The main innovation of Media Player version 11.2206.30.0 for Windows Insiders is the ability to rip audio CDs. So if you still have old CDs in your collection, you can now transfer them to your computer using Windows 11 onboard tools. The pieces of music can be converted to AAC, WMA, FLAC or ALAC format. The bit rate of the dubbed tracks can be specified in a selection box. This gives users full control over the required storage space and the quality of the transmission.

Pickling and ripping

To use the feature in the media player under Windows 11, all you have to do is insert an audio CD into the computer. A corresponding button will then appear, allowing the CD to be copied to the computer. If you no longer have a suitable drive installed in your computer, you can buy an external DVD drive for little money, which is connected to the PC via USB.

Camera app also enhanced

The camera app on Windows 11 has also been overhauled. QR codes and barcodes can also be scanned in this way. The Movies & TV app has also been revamped. The application now also supports Arm64 CPUs with better performance.

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