Windows 11: Microsoft is bringing back the Sound Recorder

The practical software Sound Recorder from 1990 is relaunched by Microsoft in Windows 11.

Since Windows 3.0, users have been able to edit audio files using a program called Sound Recorder. Back then, recordings were limited to a maximum of 60 seconds. Nevertheless, the program often proved useful for creating samples or new system sounds. Although there is a similar app in Windows 10 with the voice recorder, it is primarily intended for recordings via microphone.

Many supported formats

Microsoft now wants to relaunch the Sound Recorder in Windows 11. The limitation to 60 seconds is no longer applicable. In addition, users can expect a contemporary design in Microsoft’s mica look. The actual program is divided into two parts: the recorded audio files are listed on the left, and a wave diagram is displayed on the right. Users can set markers or change the playback speed. The sound recorder can also import and output different formats such as m4a, mp3, wma, flac or wav. If a recording is to be made via the microphone, the recording device can be changed with one click without having to go through the Windows sound settings.

Voice recorder retires

Currently the Sound Recorder is only available for Windows Insiders. When exactly Microsoft wants to release the practical app for all Windows 11 users is still unclear. Insiders suspect that the software could be released with the 22H2 update. The voice recorder from Windows 10 will be replaced with the new Sound Recorder. The group has already proceeded in a similar way with the applications Paint, Notepad, the Snipping Tool or the Media Player.

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