Windows 11: This new privacy protection is coming soon

In the future, Windows 11 will show users exactly which applications are using the camera, microphone and location data. For significantly improved protection of your privacy.

Microsoft wants to integrate a more detailed view for data protection and privacy in Windows 11 within the settings menu. In the new menu, which significantly expands the existing privacy and security menu, Windows 11 users should be able to see exactly which applications are allowed to access which hardware components such as the camera or microphone or the location data.

Users can see exactly when each application accessed the resource in question. However, the new menu does not allow the user to search for specific drivers or processes that have accessed the camera, microphone or location data. But the display is only at the application level, as the US IT news magazine Windowslatest explains.

In the current test versions for Insiders from the Dev Channel you will find the new feature under “Settings, Privacy & security, App permission”. Then, for example, if you select “Camera,” you can click a drop-down menu there and see which applications recently accessed the camera. The same applies to “Microphone” and “Location”.

on Twitter, a user posted a screenshot showing the new menu :

Anyone who has installed the final Windows 11 cannot try out this feature yet. It’s currently only available to Insider testers from the Dev Channel.

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