Windows 11 update causes problems: The solution

An update for Windows 11 causes problems for some Windows apps. Microsoft advises affected users.

After installing the Windows update KB5012643 on computers with Windows 11 version 21H2, certain Windows 11 apps can cause problems. Microsoft writes here under the entry for May 2022 that some .net Framework 3.5 apps are causing problems (Microsoft does not reveal exactly what they are) or cannot start at all. This should be the case if, for example, the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) or Windows Workflow (WWF) components are used by the apps.

The temporary solution

As a workaround, Microsoft recommends uninstalling update KB5012643. You do this via the Windows update function in the Windows 11 settings. From there, search for KB5012643 and select Uninstall. Alternatively, you can also reactivate the .NET Framework 3.5 and the Windows Communication Foundation. Instructions can be found here in the problem description.

However, KB5012643 solves a number of problems, for example with video subtitles. So you should first check whether Windows 11 apps are causing you any problems at all. If not, you can leave KB5012643 installed. However, since KB5012643 is currently in preview status and is not yet installed by default on all Windows 11 computers, many users should not notice the problems caused by KB5012643 anyway.

Microsoft is already working on a software solution for this problem and then wants to provide this solution with a new update.

Windows 11 update KB5012643 causes problems

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