Windows 11 version 23H2 has been sighted for the first time

The first references to version 23H2 have appeared in the source code of Windows 11. That can be expected.

Microsoft gives a new little insight into the long-term plans for Windows 11. Because in the code of a current insider preview, a reference to Windows 11 Version 23H2 Sun Valley 3 (code name: Copper) has now been discovered for the first time, as Windowslatest reports, with reference on

this tweet.

The entry for “23H2” follows immediately after the entry for “22H2”. The build numbers of Windows 11 Preview versions should then be increased from 225xx to Build 25xxx. The new Windows 11 Insider Preview, which was only released this week, still has the build number 22581 (Windows 11 Version 22H2). However, it can be assumed that many weeks will pass before Windows Insiders will receive the 25xxx versions of Windows 11 for testing.

Sun Valley 2 is followed by Sun Valley 3 (Copper)

This means that Windows 11 Version 22H2 Sun Valley 2 will be directly followed by Windows 11 Version 23H2. Which ultimately aligns with Microsoft’s plans to give Windows 11 major feature updates annually over its lifetime, until perhaps Windows 12 will follow at some point (more on that in: Will there be a Windows 12? The answer! ). Windows 11 was released in autumn 2021 and, exceptionally, recently received a first major update with new functions.

However, Microsoft will always deliver the really big updates for Windows 11 annually in autumn. Next up is Windows 11 version 22H2 this fall, which is currently in the process of being finalized and doesn’t appear to be “feature complete” yet, as the developers continue to integrate new features into the insider preview versions.

For a long time, Microsoft had always delivered a spring and autumn update for Windows 10 each year. Here, too, the annual rhythm has meanwhile been adopted. But there is another special feature of Windows 11: Microsoft wants to add new functions via “Experience Packs” in addition to the annual updates.

Outlook on 22H2 and 23H2

It is known so far that Microsoft takes the criticism of Windows fans seriously about the desktop functions that are known in Windows 11 compared to previous Windows 10 versions. It has already been improved that on systems with multiple screens the time is displayed on all desktops in the lower right corner of the taskbar (we reported). There have also been other changes or they are planned for 22H2. One of the major new features of 22H2 will be the ability to use Android apps on Windows 11. There are also completely revised Windows standard apps, which then rely on the new Windows 11 design.

But what about 23H2? Windows 11 users often request the option of being able to display the taskbar on the sides or at the top of the desktop. This change is not yet planned for Windows 11 version 22H2, but could then be implemented with a major update for the Windows 11 desktop with Sun Valley 3.

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