Windows 11: You should know these 8 new hotkeys

Windows 11 brings innovations to the desktop that allow users to get used to new hotkeys. An overview.

It doesn’t hurt to know the most important hotkeys in Windows 10, because they make everyday PC life a lot easier and save you from clicking around unnecessarily. With the right key combination you can reach your goal faster. In Windows 11, Microsoft added some new keyboard shortcuts. The reason for this is that there are fundamental innovations on the desktop with Windows 11, such as the widget area.

The new keyboard shortcuts in Windows 11

Most previous Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts will continue to work just fine on Windows 11, so all you have to do to switch to Windows 11 as a power user is learn a few new hotkeys. But there are also minor changes.

Windows key + A:

In Windows 10, the notification bar opens on the side of the screen, which has a few settings buttons at the bottom, such as activating Airplane mode or Night mode. In Windows 11, after the Windows key + A, only a few basic Windows settings are displayed, which can be changed using a button or slider. For example to increase or decrease the volume. The user can use the “Notification Assistant” button to specify whether Windows 11 can disturb him at work (or while gaming). The choices are Always, Alarms Only, and Priority Only.

Windows key + N:

Windows 11 displays the notifications via this hotkey. On the left side of the screen (like on Windows 10), but much clearer, including a calendar.

Windows key + Z:

This can be used to activate the new snap layout function (also called docking layouts), which Windows 11 offers for each program window if you hold the mouse pointer over the “Maximize” icon for a longer time. Here you can specify the position in which the program window is to be displayed and arrange other program windows accordingly. You should also know the following two hotkeys:

  • Windows Key + Alt + Up Arrow:

    The active window is “snapped” in the top half of the desktop.

  • Windows Key + Alt + Down Arrow:

    The active window is “snapped” in the lower half of the desktop

Windows key + W:

The widget area in Windows 11 can be displayed using this keyboard combination.

Windows key + Ctrl + C:

Activates the color filter (function must first be activated in the settings under Settings, Accessibility and Color filter)

Windows key + C:

Opens a chat in Microsoft Teams

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