Windows 7 2022 Edition is more beautiful than Windows 11

A designer shows in a video how beautiful Windows 7 would be if Microsoft had released it in 2022.

Concept designer Addy Arapi has released a video showing what Windows 7 would look like if Microsoft had released it in 2022. The video is worth seeing because it not only shows Windows 7 in a way that has been fundamentally modernized in terms of looks and functions, but also outshines Windows 11.

“Windows 7 – 2022 Edition” fulfills many of the wishes of Windows users: There is a tidier start menu (without annoying tiles!), new icons, animations and tabs in the file explorer. There are also beautified context menus, a desktop search function and dynamic desktop backgrounds. But see for yourself in the following video:

Windows 7 continues to be considered the best Windows

Windows 7 was released in October 2009. Microsoft will end support for it in January 2020. Windows 11 started in October 2021 and is still struggling to convince Windows 10 users to switch. But this is also because not every device that runs Windows 10 is also suitable for Windows 11. In addition, even after many months, Windows 11 still has some weaknesses, which we also list in the following article:

6 months Windows 11: Why the switch is still not worthwhile

Microsoft will improve some criticisms of Windows 11 with the autumn update 22H2. You can read more about this in this article.

Windows 7 continues to be considered by many Windows users to be the best Windows version yet. In addition, according to the latest figures from Statcounter, it is still more frequently installed on PCs than Windows 11. According to Statcounter, the global market share of Windows 7 in June 2022 was 11.52 percent, while Windows 11 only has 10.96 percent. However, the month of July 2022 is likely to be the first month in which Windows 11 will overtake the 14-year-old Windows 7.

Also noteworthy: According to the recently published figures from Statcounter, Windows 10 was even able to increase in June 2022 from 71.82 percent in May 2022 to 73.46 percent compared to the previous month. During the same period, Windows 11’s market share fell from 13.03 to 10.96 percent.

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