Windows 7 more popular than Windows 11: That’s why many hesitate to upgrade

Current figures show: The switch to Windows 11 is taking place slowly, and even in June 2022 Windows 7 may have more users.

The one-year anniversary of Windows 11 is approaching, in October 2021 Microsoft released the new version as a free update for all Windows 10 users. But current figures show that only a small proportion of users have already installed the update, the vast majority are still using Windows 10. Even Windows 7 is currently ahead of Windows 11, but will probably be overtaken soon.

According to statcounter, 72.22 percent of all Windows users were still using version 10 in June 2022. 11.96 percent were using Windows 7, while only 11.77 percent updated to the current version 11. Far behind is Windows 8.1 with 2.87 percent, Windows 8 and Windows XP only have a user share of less than one percent.

It’s not uncommon for market share to shift slowly after the release of a new version of Windows. Companies in particular need time to adapt their infrastructure and software environment. Microsoft is helping by offering extended support for companies that are still using Windows 7. End users will no longer receive security updates for the outdated operating system since January 2020. The extended support for companies is also coming to an end, which is why an upgrade is inevitable. But Windows 11 is a particularly difficult candidate as it comes with high system requirements.

Windows 11: High requirements prevent users from upgrading

Windows 11 is only compatible with computers that support the modern UEFI feature “Secure Boot” and have the second generation security chip “Trusted Platform Module” (TPM 2.0). In addition, a graphics unit must be installed that is compatible with DirectX 12 and for which WDDM 2.0 drivers are available. Even systems that are only a few years old often cannot meet these requirements. If you want to check if your computer meets the requirements, you can use an app provided by Microsoft to do so. You can download these here. However, Windows 10 is required to run the app.

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