Windows Hello: Log in via webcam or fingerprint

With Windows Hello, Microsoft has integrated a new function in Windows 10 that eliminates the need to enter passwords.

Many home offices also have a webcam. Your model may also be suitable for logging into Windows 10 using face or iris recognition. Looking into the camera lens saves you having to enter very long passwords.

Since the Windows Hello authentication method is based on biometric factors, it is both secure and easy to use. However, not all webcams support Windows Hello. Both optical and infrared sensors are required; the Logitech Brio 4K model for 239 euros is recommended. However, there are also webcams in stores for 80 to 120 euros, which also enable fast and secure face recognition with Windows Hello. Here, however, you have to compromise on the image quality.


As an alternative to face recognition, there is the Kensington Verimark for around 40 euros, a fingerprint scanner for the USB port,

To activate Windows Hello, go to “Accounts -› Sign-in options ”in the“ Settings ”app and then click on the Windows Hello method that you want to use. If Windows Hello is not displayed in the sign-in options, there is no compatible device.

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