Windows Media Player: How to adjust the playback tempo

If you want to watch your videos faster or slower in the media player, you can adjust the playback speed with just a few clicks.

Do you have little time and still want to watch a film in its entirety that is on your PC as a video file? Or would you like to see a film in slow motion? The same applies to audio files: Would you like to listen to a song a little faster or slow it down? No problem! With the Windows Media Player included in Windows, you can play audio and video files at different speeds.

To do this, click the play button with the right instead of the left mouse button and you get a context menu with three options: “Slow playback” (0.5 times the speed), “Normal playback” and “Fast playback” (1.4 times the speed) . Alternatively, you can use the hotkey to switch between slow (Ctrl-Shift-S), normal (Ctrl-Shift-N) and fast (Ctrl-Shift-G).

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