Windows: Microsoft throws update plan overboard – you need to know that

Microsoft is fundamentally changing the way Windows appears. This is reported by a Windows connoisseur from the USA.

According to a report by well-known Windows expert Zac Bowden on Windowscentral, Microsoft wants to change the Windows release cycle again and return to a more traditional scheme. Accordingly, every three years a large, new version of Windows should appear. At the same time, the current version of Windows is to receive more and more new functions.

This three-year release schedule would be a complete departure from the year-long introductory cycle for new major releases that was only announced about a year ago. However, Zac Bowden claims to have learned from his sources that Microsoft wants to start this three-year cycle as early as 2024. That would be three years after the release of Windows 11.

Microsoft has canceled the next major Windows update, codenamed Sun Valley 3, which was actually planned for 2023. However, this does not mean that Windows users should not receive any new functions for three years. On the contrary, Bowden claims to have learned that Microsoft is planning to increase the provision of new functions for users of the latest Windows version.

Moments: New features up to four times a year

The upcoming autumn update Windows 11 version 22H2 (Sun Valley 2) should create the basis for this faster provision of new functions. After that, Microsoft should be able to release new features outside of major Windows updates. From 2023, Microsoft should be able to release new functions for the current Windows version every few months – up to four times a year. Internally, Microsoft is said to refer to this constant provision of new functions as “Moments”.

Microsoft has already tested this continuous provision of new functions in 2022 with the new weather display in the Windows 11 taskbar. Many of the features that were originally planned for “Sun Valley 3” should now appear continuously for Windows as constant improvements. Additionally and after the innovations that Windows 11 22H2 will bring. In return, there should be no major update in autumn 2023.

Microsoft has not commented on Zac Bowden’s report.

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