Windows: The most important CMD commands for network analysis

Windows provides powerful commands with which not only administrators and webmasters, but also end users can quickly check and configure their network or Internet connections. We present the most important commands for the command line alias CMD of Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1 and 10 as well as Windows 11.

Even though Windows 10 has only just celebrated its 5th birthday, they are still essential. For professional users, administrators, but also for average users when the Windows interface is no longer stable. We are talking about the Windows commands that you enter in the Windows CMD window.

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we introduce you to the most important Windows commands for your network and your Internet connection, which you can enter in the Windows CMD window. Among other things, you will learn how to determine the Mac address, what Arp is all about, how to find out the IP address of your computer and how your data packets are routed. How you can quickly and easily test whether your computer can even establish a connection to the Internet and what the network configuration of your PC actually looks like. If you suspect a Trojan on your PC, we will introduce you to a Windows command with which you can track down such an undesired connection and display all open Internet connections on your computer.

We have tested the CMD / command line commands with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 because these operating systems are still the most widespread in professional / corporate use. As a rule, however, the CMDs should also work with Windows 8. Open the CMD window / the command prompt under Windows 8 by entering “cmd” in the search field in the Windows 8 sidebar and clicking on “Command Prompt” in the hit list that appears. You can open the command prompt even faster with this key combination: Press “Windows key” + “R” and then type in “cmd”.

Note on terminology:

For all Windows versions from Windows 2000 the correct name for the window in which you enter the CMD commands is “Command Prompt” or “Command Line Interpreter”. The CMD commands are called “command line commands” or “Windows commands”. Strictly speaking, however, the terms “DOS window” and “DOS commands” are no longer correct and apply to the period before Windows 2000. In this article, however, we use all the terms alternately.

The best tools and tips for LAN and WLAN

This is how it works with CMD: Enter Windows commands

To enter the Windows commands, always proceed as follows: In Windows XP, open a command prompt via Start, Run. Type in cmd and hit return. Under Vista enter cmd under “Start search”. In Windows 7, go to “Search programs / files” via the start button and enter “cmd” there. You will then open a DOS window in which you can enter the command line commands. After typing a command, you always have to press Return to execute it. In no time you will see the result.

Alternatively, you can press the Windows key and the “R” key at the same time and then enter “cmd” to open the command prompts.

Systematically solve network problems

Note: Some of the screenshots are from Windows Vista Home, Windows XP Professional and Windows 7 Pro. Depending on the Windows system you are using, the display and the exact naming of the command prompt may differ slightly. In addition, not all DOS commands are equally available on all computers.

Two quick tips for typical internet problems

Typical purpose: renew internet settings


Sometimes the PC chokes when configuring Internet access. For example, because you tried a configuration tool for the IP settings.


Delete the set internet data with ipconfig / release. And request new IP settings with ipconfig / renew. The DHCP server will now assign you a new IP address.

We present ipconfig in detail on this sub-page of this guide.

Typical purpose: check internet connection


Does my PC still have a connection to the Internet? This question arises when one or more websites cannot be opened. But is it because of my computer / router or maybe because of the websites in question?


Enter ping The Google page should always be available. If you receive the expected package information after a few seconds, you can connect to the Internet.

On this sub-page of this guide, we will introduce you to ping in detail.

Starting on the next page, we will now introduce the most important CMD commands for network and Internet.

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