Windows update KB5014019 disables virus scanners

KB5014019 brings exciting innovations for Windows 11. But the patch puts a virus scanner out of action.

The security company Trend Micro has published a warning that the preview of the update KB5014019 published by Microsoft on May 24, 2022 for Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 will disable Trend Micro’s virus scanner. The reason is a compatibility problem between KB5014019 and the “User Mode Hooking (UMH)” component of various Trend Micro endpoint solutions. The problem occurs on Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022.

Solution: Remove KB5014019 again

Trend Micro’s proposed solution is quite simple: Affected users should uninstall patch KB5014019 in the Windows settings under update management. Since KB5014019 is currently only a preview and not yet the version of the update to be finally installed as part of a patch day, uninstalling it should not pose a security risk.

Trend Microsoft is working on a solution

Trend Micro is currently investigating the issue and aims to have it resolved by patch day when KB5014019 is released as a mandatory update. Because KB5014019 is currently still an “optional update” and is therefore not automatically installed via Windows Update. But that will change on patch day in June 2022, when KB5014019 will be installed on all compatible Windows 11 computers and Windows Server 2022.

This brings KB5014019

Microsoft’s description of patch KB5014019 can be found at this link. We also present KB5014019 in this message: Update gives Windows 11 a desktop beautification.

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