Windows update: now with more control

The optional updates, the control for automatic installation and Microsoft’s so-called Feature Experience Packs now offer more options to update Windows 10 the way you want.

As early as 2019, Microsoft improved the updating of hardware drivers with the (re-) introduction of the optional updates. On the one hand, significantly more manufacturers are now offering updates for their devices; on the other hand, you now have more control because, unlike the automatic installation, you decide whether and when you want to install new drivers.

Since November 2020, hardware companies have also been able to specify whether the associated driver is to be installed automatically when a device is connected for the first time, or whether the user has to take action. This should also give users more control over their system.

Thirdly, Microsoft is integrating new functions into the operating system via the “Feature Experience Pack” independently of the previous function updates. Since the beginning of December 2020, a new pack has been available in the Microsoft Store without notice, the version number of which, however, can only be found after installing via “System -> Info” in the Settings app. The fastest way to find out when a new Feature Experience Pack is available and what new functions it has in store is currently by searching on Google.

The next patch:

Windows 10 21H1 officially confirmed – just a small update


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