Winoptimizer 2022: We’re giving away the full version – only today!

We’re giving you the full version of Winoptimizer 2022 for free. Hurry up, because the offer is only valid for a short time.

We’re giving you another useful full version: Ashampoo Winoptimizer 2022 (worth 30 euros). You can get the Windows tuning tool as a full version free of charge for a short time at With Winoptimizer 2022 you can clean Windows and thus speed it up. Winoptimizer 2022 offers useful tools for this (more information can be found below).

To download the free full version:

Ashampoo Winoptimizer 2022

Note on obtaining the full version:

After the download, double-click the “ashampoo_winoptimizer_2022_35580.exe” file to start the installation. In the window for entering the license key, click on the “Request a free license key” button. A website will open where you can now enter an email address to request the full version key. If you already have an Ashampoo account for this email address, you can then log in with your password and the license key will be displayed. Otherwise you need to create an Ashampoo account and then log in afterwards. You will then receive the license key to activate the full version. Enter this license key in the WinOptimizer 2022 installer and then click “Activate Now”.

Note on the duration of the promotion:

The full version is available now and at least until

Sunday, March 13, 2022 at 11:59 p.m

available for free. The promotion ends as soon as the download link above is no longer active or clickable.

Winoptimizer 2022 offers a variety of tools to get Windows running again


Winoptimizer 2022 offers a variety of tools to get Windows running again

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Information on the free full version: Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2022

WinOptimizer 2022 makes Windows 10/11/8/7 faster, leaner and more secure. The software offers more than 20 modules with which you can, for example, remove surf residues, customize Windows or clean up the Windows registry. You can also use a module to specify in detail how strong your privacy should be protected when using Windows. The program analyzes the operating system and hardware, erases and encrypts data or restores them. With two benchmarks, you can also subject the computer’s components to a speed test. And: WinOptimizer 2022 is fully compatible with the new Windows 11. These modules are included:

  • Eliminate surf traces

  • configure privacy

  • Defrag registry

  • Manage active processes

  • Optimize startup

  • Delete files securely

  • Optimize internet connection

  • Show system information

  • Find memory hogs

  • Determine system performance

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