Winter tire test 2020: over 50 tires in comparison

Winter tire test: which tires are really recommended?

The AUTO BILD winter tire tests in various tire sizes: Which winter tires are good and which do not have sufficient safety reserves? Here come the results.

R.isiko buying winter tires: More and more brands are flooding the market. Many have significant security deficiencies. Our winter tire tests show which tires are really recommended! For the big one AUTO BILD winter tire test 2020 do we have 51 winter tires Purchased anonymously on the Internet and in tire shops. This time we have that as the tire dimension Format 245/45 R 18 selected – the tire size for thick, luxury-class sleds, such as our 5-series BMW test car. For this vehicle class, we recommend the classic version of winter tires – the increasingly popular all-season tires, on the other hand, are a reliable and safe alternative for lighter vehicles, from small cars to medium-sized cars.

The winter tire test ends prematurely for many tires

Winter tire test with more than 50 tires

AUTO BILD has tested over 50 winter tires. A good third of them were sorted out after the security check.

© Anuscha Sonntag / AUTO BILD

All 51 winter tires first go through the Safety check: when braking on a wet slope (from 80 km / h) they have to show what they’re made of. If you fail, you are thrown out! The remaining ones reach the next stage of qualifying, the braking test on snow (from 50 km / h). In the end, the 20 tires with the shortest total braking distances qualify for the final. Our security check shows: A good third of the winter tires tested are not worth their price. They belong to the scrap metal when they are new because the braking distances are too long.

A comparison test with summer tires shows how important winter tires are in snow: With them, the test car needs almost twice the braking distance on snow to come to a standstill.

Braking distances on snow (from 50 km / h)
Best winter tire 24.3 m
Worst winter tire 27.0 m
Summer tires 51.2 m

This is how we tested in the final round

Aquaplaning test

Aquaplaning test: the speed at which the tires lose contact with the road is measured.

© Anuscha Sonntag / AUTO BILD

The winter tires go through in the final round eleven other test disciplines – two of them on the test bench (rolling resistance, mileage). But first, the twenty tires that have qualified for the final round are back on the test track. Here, for example, the braking distances on a dry road (this time from 100 km / h) are measured or the handling in dry, wet and snowy conditions as well as the aquaplaning safety. Only to evaluate the economic viability is the final step on the roller dynamometer. A rolling resistance test provides information about which tires can be driven in a fuel-efficient manner (rule of thumb: five percent rolling resistance saves one percent fuel). An abrasion test is also used to calculate the mileage of the tires up to the minimum tread depth of 1.6 millimeters. If the mileage is set in relation to the purchase price, it is possible to calculate which tire is really the cheapest on the bottom line.

Price per 1000 km of mileage *
Runenn 10.41
Giti 11.12
general 11.18
Fulda 11.60
cooper 11.69
Barum 11.77
Glue 12.08
Semperit 12.08
Apollo 12.83
BF Goodrich 12.99
Hankook 13.33
Goodyear 13.55
Nokian 13.80
Vredestein 14.56
Bridgestone 14.68
Uniroyal 14.72
Continental 14.73
Dunlop 14.77
Michelin 15.22
Pirelli 16.22
*in Euro

Michelin Pilot Alpin 5 is the test winner

The best overall result was achieved at the end of the Michelin Pilot Alpin 5. It scores with convincing snow suitability, dynamic wet and dry properties and short braking distances. The only weak point is the comparatively high price (over 700 euros per set), which is put into perspective by the very good mileage and good economy of the tire.

The results of all 20 winter tires that made it into the final round can be found in the table below. We have also summarized the strengths and weaknesses of these tires in the picture gallery.

* With the same rating in alphabetical order; ** The given grades are the chapter grades in the test chapters “Snow”, “Wet”, “Dry”, “Costs”. Chapter notes from 2 upwards no longer allow “exemplary”; Individual grades (not shown) from 3+ in safety-related disciplines and individual grades from 4+ lead to devaluation.

At a glance: All braking values ​​from the preliminary round

The following table shows the braking distances that were measured in the first test lap – for the main lap of the test, only the 20 winter tires with the shortest braking distances were taken into account in total.

Preliminary round: measurement results of braking distances (in meters)
Tires* wet (80 km / h) Snow (50 km / h) total
Bridgestone Blizzak LM 005 30.3 24.5 54.8
MichelinPilot Alpin 5 31.9 24.3 56.2
Semperit Speed-Grip 3 30.8 26 56.8
Continental WinterContact TS 850P 31.8 25.2 57
Hankook Winter i * cept evo3 32.3 25th 57.3
Vredestein Wintrac Pro 33.2 24.9 58.1
BF Goodrich g-Force Winter 2 34.1 24.6 58.7
Glue Krisalp HP 3 34.4 24.6 59
Goodyear UltraGrip Performance + 34.4 24.8 59.2
Uniroyal MS Plus 77 34.2 25th 59.2
Barum Polaris 5 35.2 24.9 60.1
Nokian WR A4 34.6 25.5 60.1
Dunlop Winter Sport 5 35.2 25th 60.2
Apollo Aspire XP winter 35.1 25.3 60.4
Giti GitiWinter W1 35.2 25.4 60.6
Cooper Weather-Master SA2 + 34.6 26.1 60.7
General Altimax Winter 3 36 24.7 60.7
Fulda Kristall Control HP2 36.3 24.5 60.8
Run I Fit Plus 36.2 24.8 61
Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3 35.2 25.8 61
Sava Eskimo HP2 36.3 25.1 61.4
Yokohama BluEarth-Winter (V905) 35.4 26.1 61.5
Fortune FSR901 36.3 25.3 61.6
Nexen Winguard Sport2 36.5 25.1 61.6
Goodride Z507 34.7 27 61.7
Platinum RP-60 winter 37 25.2 62.2
Westlake SW608 34.2 28 62.2
Gislaved Euro * Frost 6 36.9 25.8 62.7
Kumho WinterCraft WP71 35.7 28 63.7
Toyo Snowprox S954 37 26.9 63.9
Falken Eurowinter HS01 37 27 64
Riken Snow 37.1
Firestone Winterhawk 3 37.9
GT Radial Winter pro HP 38.3
Fortuna winter 38.4
Zeetex WH 1000 38.7
Infinity Ecozen 38.9
Aeolus Snowace 2 HP 39
Tomket Snowroad Pro 3 39.3
Atlas Polarbear 2 39.6
Radar Dimax Alpine 40.5
Haida HD617 40.6
Mazzini Snow Leopard 40.6
Duraturn Mozzo Winter 40.7
Nordexx Wintersafe 41
Tracmax S210 41.1
Imperial Snow Dragon 3 (S210) 41.4
Wanli S 1083 Snow Grip 41.4
Momo W2 North Pole 41.7
Starmaxx W850 42.3
Petlas W651 43.1
* sorted according to the total length of the braking distances; all tires have a load / speed index of 100 V.

Our test was supported by Bridgestone, Continental, Hankook and Laufenn. You can find our standards for transparency and journalistic independence here.

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