Winter tire test 2022: Winter tires for SUVs (225/45 R 19)

According to the current legal situation in Germany, tires that are suitable and permitted for winter are those that have the Alpine symbol with a snowflake burned into the tire sidewall. Of course, all of our ten tested winter tires have the required snowflake identification.

Winter tire test 2022: 225/45 R 19

Results in detail: see table below!

This also applies to the Explero Winter W671 from the Turkish brand Petlas. The company is by no means a start-up, as can be seen from the fact that it was founded in 1976. But for the first few decades, the Turkish manufacturer focused on military and agricultural tires before branching out into the passenger car and SUV business in recent years.

What good is the cheap tire for 470 euros per set?

We devote so much space to this tire because it is remarkably cheap. A set of the tested winter tires in a sturdy 19-inch dimension is available from retailers for around 470 euros. For comparison: For the winter tires of the type Pilot Alpin5 from the traditional French brand Michelin that were also tested here, a whopping 1125 euros had to be shelled out – a difference of 655 euros.

So should you really spend two and a half times as much for a new set of winter tires even in these times? Short answer: Yes, if you can somehow afford it. Because our tests relentlessly reveal the weaknesses of such a cheap tire. Surprisingly, they don’t even show that much when driving on snow in really wintry conditions. Here, the test BMW equipped with the Turkish tires drives quite well overall, so that it achieves an overall grade of 2- on snow – that’s respectable, even if the stubborn pushing over the turned front wheels in curves is displeasing.

Winter tire test 2022

Disastrous result with the tires from Petlas: The test car equipped with it only stops after 63.3 meters from a speed of 100 – more than 17 meters more than with the Hankook tyre.

The big catastrophe comes with the tests on wet roads – a situation that often occurs, especially in the winter months. Even in the aquaplaning test, the Petlas tire didn’t exactly impress with perfect water displacement. But we have to rate the cornering and, above all, braking capacity as “inadequate” or “inadequate”. He needs 63.3 meters to come to a standstill from 100 km/h. That’s around 17(!) meters more than the best placed winter tires from Hankook, Bridgestone, Vredestein and Continental. In the event of emergency braking, such a difference decides between a total loss and a sigh of relief.

The test winner is the Michelin Pilot Alpin 5

It’s better to invest a little more money when buying tires, after all it’s about your own safety. If you can afford it, the expensive Michelin is the best choice. Our test winner scored at least “good” in all tests and didn’t make a single slip. On top of that, it rolls particularly quietly and comfortably. The Continental, which is six percent cheaper, comes in second place just behind him, also with the overall rating “exemplary”. It doesn’t quite reach the Michelin top level on snow, but it brakes even better on wet roads.

An alternative for price-conscious people would be Firestone’s candidate. The American subsidiary of the Japanese tire giant Bridgestone has priced its Winterhawk 4 winter tires in such a way that a set costs an acceptable 720 euros – more than 400 euros cheaper than a Michelin. The Firestone achieved sixth place overall with the final grade “good”. The Wintrac Pro from the traditional Dutch brand Vredestein also offers convincingly good performance at a fair price. Only its slightly increased rolling resistance prevents it from climbing into the top tire league. But that has its price.

Winter tire test 2022: 225/45 R 19*

Exemplary premium tires with the best snow qualities, high steering precision and dynamic handling properties in all weather conditions, short snow and dry braking distances, top ride comfort

Convincing all-round talent with balanced performance potential, precise steering behavior, high aquaplaning safety, short snow and wet braking distances, quiet road noise, fuel-saving rolling resistance

Balanced winter profile with stable driving characteristics on wet and snowy roads, short snow and wet braking distances, high safety reserves in aquaplaning, good value for money

Winter pro with the best handling qualities on snowy and wet slopes, precise steering behavior, short snow and wet braking distances, safe aquaplaning qualities, fuel-saving rolling resistance

Extended dry braking distances

All-round talent with stable driving characteristics in all weather conditions, good safety reserves in aquaplaning, dynamic wet handling, short wet braking distances, fair price

Extended dry braking distances, significantly increased tire noise

New branded winter tire with balanced performance potential, stable handling in all weather conditions, good aquaplaning properties, quiet rolling noise, moderate price level

Slightly longer dry braking distances, increased rolling resistance

Good traction and short braking distances on snow, very good safety reserves in the event of aquaplaning, pleasantly quiet ride comfort, low rolling resistance, low price

Understeering handling in all weather conditions, delayed response to steering commands

Good safety reserves for aquaplaning, short braking distances on wet and snowy slopes

Only satisfactory winter qualities, understeering handling in all weather conditions, increased pass-by noise, very high rolling resistance

Short dry braking distances, fuel-saving rolling resistance, low pass-by noise

Moderate cornering on snow, low safety reserves for aquaplaning, understeering wet handling, longer wet braking distances

Low rolling resistance, low price

Limited driving ability on wet roads, low aquaplaning reserves, diffuse steering response, severe understeering wet and dry handling, dangerously extended wet braking distances

The test was supported by Bridgestone, Continental, Falken, Firestone, Hankook, Michelin, Nokian, Toyo and Vredestein. Our standards of transparency and journalistic independence can be found here.

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