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Winterize your lawn in 3, 2, 1 ..

A good start is half the work. Therefore, always be on time to prepare your lawn for winter. If you start before November, you can be sure that it will be fine.

Delete leaves

Regularly remove leaves from your lawn. Preferably once a week. Do not wait until everything has fallen from the trees: this will prevent sunlight from reaching the grass and your grass will remain moist, which will cause it to rot. You can easily remove the leaves with a leaf blower, leaf vacuum or leaf rake.


As long as your grass is still growing, you should keep mowing it. Our winters are becoming less and less severe, so most lawns nowadays continue to grow, certainly until October.

But beware: do not cut the grass too short. Leave it a little longer in the winter months, because this will give the grass plant a greater resistance to getting through the winter. In addition, moss will grow less quickly. The recommended height for your grass in the winter months is about 4 inches.

Aerate the lawn

Did you know that early autumn is a perfect time to aerate your lawn? When grass is walked a lot, bare spots develop. Due to the load, the soil becomes increasingly compact and less air reaches the roots of the grass. The roots then die and tough weeds pull up instead.

To counteract the above, you can – preferably one day after a period of rain – poke holes in your lawn with a digging fork. Make sure these holes are about 15cm deep and keep a distance of 15cm. There are shoes with nails especially for this job. Do you think that is too much work? Then you can use an electric lawn aerator.

These holes allow air to reach the roots again and your grass will grow again.

Sprinkle lime

It is recommended to sprinkle lime on your lawn in the coldest months (January and February). This ensures that the soil of your lawn has a certain PH value.

With a favorable PH value, grass can absorb fertilizers more efficiently. It also reduces the growth of moss and algae in winter. Lime usually works for 10 months and ensures that the lawn can count on good functioning throughout the entire growing season.

Bonus tip

Do not walk too much on your lawn during frost. Has it snowed? Then leave this snug and do not remove it. This way you avoid damaging your grass while removing the snow. On to a beautiful and healthy lawn!


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