#Wirmachenauf: Traders do not open stores in lockdown

Employees of the public order office make a tour of downtown Krefeld. A Krefeld native actually wanted to reopen his cosmetic studio today despite the lockdown.

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Under the hashtag #Wirmachenauf, some retailers and consumers on the Internet called for the shops to be opened despite the lockdown. The protest, which was organized in a Telegram group with 58,862 subscribers and the Coronapedia website, should start this Monday. According to research by, however, hardly any retailer seems to have made their announcements true.

The response in the social media was cautious on Monday, under the hashtag there are no traders who have committed themselves to the supposed action. In the Telegram group, 3,200 participants had previously stated that they were supposed to be a business operator and wanted to open their own business on Monday. Hardly any of this can be seen on German roads. The Berlin police told that numerous emergency services had been out on Monday, but that there had been no major abnormalities in the cityscape so far. Statistics on the actual violations will not be available before Tuesday, said a spokesman for the Berlin police.

Even the initiator of #Wirmachenauf, Mecit Uzbay, has left the doors of his small cosmetic studio in Krefeld closed. A spokesman for the city of Krefeld confirmed to the German press agency that representatives of the public order office were there and that the corona protection ordinance had not been violated.

Initiator postpones the supposed protest action

Uzbay, the person in charge behind the Telegram group and the Coronapedia website, announced in a video in the Telegram group on Sunday evening that he would not open until January 18 and postpone the “big” action, as he had previously The federal government has sent a claim document. In it, he calls for the lockdown for traders to be ended or outstanding immediate aid to be paid out. He gave politicians a deadline of January 17 for this, after he had taken legal advice.

Uzbay had previously announced on its website that it would publish a list of the stores that wanted to open their doors despite the lockdown at 8 a.m. on Monday morning. This has now been postponed to Wednesday, he announced in the Telegram chat. Uzbay himself says in his statement on Telegram that he is “a simple beauty salon owner […] at the end of its existence “is,” without a political background “and” no lateral thinker “.

According to research, the initiator was a lateral thinker

Research by the editorial network Germany, however, connects Uzbay with the lateral thinking movement and events by corona deniers. In August 2020, according to a YouTube video, Uzbay spoke at a lateral thinking demonstration in Krefeld, where he denied the existence of the novel corona virus and claimed that the statistics on corona deaths in Germany were falsified.

In individual forums on the Coronapedia website, for example, there are subgroups with the name “Opponents welcome”. This shows that the protest action attracted many people who believe in conspiracy ideologies.

The sports retailer Udo Siebzehnrübl had already caused a lot of excitement last week with his announcement that it would open its five Intersport stores in Bavaria on Monday. Because the action had attracted many right-wing extremists and lateral thinkers online, he has since withdrawn the announced opening, as Siebzehnrübl confirmed on Tuesday. A hairdresser from Zinnowitz in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania had also planned to open her salon because she had “nothing more to lose”, as the Ostseezeitung reported. She too refrained from opening despite the lockdown, as she received financial help from a local association through a fundraising campaign.

Dealers who consider violating the measures of the Infection Protection Act face up to five years imprisonment in an emergency.


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