With a hybrid from AMG deep red in the green area

Petrol engine in the front, battery in the trunk, electric motor on one axle. Nothing new. Stop plug-in hybrid. On paper, it’s usually powerful, supposedly super economical, but in practice it’s quickly slowed down by weakening batteries. There’s now a dime a dozen, even from Porsche. So why not also from AMG?
We thought so too and approached the GT 63 SE Performance – by the way, the very first “own” hybrid model from AMG – accordingly without any expectations. Fat car, fat engine, slight green coloring due to a fig leaf in the shape of a socket. Yes, of course.
Mercedes AMG GT 63 SE Performance

The two chargers pump a dizzying amount of process air into the 4.0 V8. That alone then delivers 900 Nm of torque.

BUT THEN THIS! Cars with manners, monsters with manners, bulls with style – that’s the short form of this super car. Because: A maximum of 843 hp and up to 1470 Newton meters of torque cannot be packaged more elegantly and draped more finely on the road than AMG can do with the four-door model costing around 199,000 euros.

843 hp system power

After all, it contains everything that makes a car fast, safe, comfortable and fun. The best old-school mechanical engineering works together with sophisticated electronic driving dynamics control. A powerful four-liter V8 engine with biturbo charging sends power to the drive wheels via a nine-speed automatic transmission, while an electric motor with up to 204 hp helps to further enrich the already brute thrust of a 63er.

Mercedes AMG GT 63 SE Performance

The over 16-inch gigantic brakes of the GT 63 have the format of the standard rims of a BMW 1 Series.

Instead of a torque converter in the transmission, a package of clutch plates in an oil bath handles the traction, the two-speed electric motor in the rear contributes its leverage directly and via a regulated differential.

The result: an explosive start-up behavior, bestial pulling power, rarely violent sprint power to the maximum. The latter then dams the electronics at “Tacho 320” – in seventh gear, if need be. The GT accelerates to 100 km/h in under three (!) seconds. The big guy almost casually cracks the 300 mark anyway.

Mathematically, air up to 600 km/h…

A look at the rev counter shows how casually the big hum slows down this pace. In the ninth gear there are around 3600 tours – just the middle of its turning capacity. If you’re wondering now: Yes, that’s right, mathematically there would still be room for up to 600 km/h…

Mercedes AMG GT 63 SE Performance

Green flap: In the rear apron, the reference to electrical charging support via plug.

Keyword reserves: Since the electric motor is married to the rest of the party via a two-speed gearbox, it can also push along at high speeds. This can be felt best on the Autobahn. By the time the accelerator pedal is “just before kickdown”, the combustion engine is already throwing the GT forward with impressive force.

It doesn’t matter what’s on the speedometer. The fully depressed pedal then gets the reserves from the battery – with a clearly noticeable after-slip it then continues even more violently.

12 kilometers purely electrically

The GT then tears through the concrete surface stoically and effortlessly, the suspension with fully variable damping destroys bumps and other bumps, the steering works cleanly with ideal power requirements, the seats grip you tightly, but extremely comfortably and securely between their adjustable flanks.

Mercedes AMG GT 63 SE Performance

Plenty of liquid flows around the 89-kilogram battery block alone to keep the temperature low.

So you either rush along casually and quietly (the GT can also drive a few kilometers purely electrically, with the 6.1 kWh battery only a modest 12) or marvel at the rapidly approaching horizon under a roaring full load.

At the same time, the AMG GT is amazingly grippy on the road, never feels fat or even blurry despite its weight of around 2.3 tons, thanks to the battery and electric motor in the rear, the balance is right. Binding grip is available in abundance thanks to all-wheel drive and the locking effect at the rear. We mean: a super car, which AMG has put on the up to 315 millimeter wide wheels.

High tech to the horizon

But: Sometimes a sub-Mercedes. For example, when the wind pulls the panes out of their guides at speeds of 240 km/h and above and it hisses unnecessarily loudly. Or when the driver is frustrated and fiddles with the haptically unsuccessful sensor fields in the steering wheel spokes in order to adjust the display unit in the cockpit.

Mercedes AMG GT 63 SE Performance

Radiance: Cockpit defined by carbon, MBUX at its best, buttons for driving control in the middle.

We’re almost reassured – 843 hp and high-tech to the horizon so only boil with water. Or with petrol: driving “hard on the gas” sucks the GT 63 more than 50 (!) liters of Super Plus from the fuel tank. Consolation: We managed to get just under ten liters at a minimum – that keeps our conscience in the deep green.

Specifications and price: Mercedes AMG GT 63 SE Performance

• Engine V8, biturbo + electric motor
• Displacement 3982cc
• System performance 620 kW (843 hp)
• Max. Torque 1470 Nm
• Drive All-wheel drive / nine-speed automatic
• L/W/H 5054/1953/1447mm
• curb weight 2380kg
• trunk 335L
• 0-100/200/300 km/h 2.8/9.1/27.2 s (measured values)
• max. 316km/h
• Consumption 7.9 l/100 km (WLTP)
• Exhaust CO2 180 g/km
• Price from 199,016 euros

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