With fresh reluctance: shopkeepers ready for mouth caps and QR code duty

From Saturday we have to put on a mouth cap in stores again. The corona certificate is also used to gain access in museums, casinos, restaurants and gyms, among others. The check is also mandatory on the terrace, that was already the case inside. The corona figures are rising again, so entrepreneurs have to get back to work.


The mudguards and floor stickers are being used again and dusted, insofar as they were removed, says Paul te Grotenhuis of retail organization INretail. Affiliated retailers from Zeeman, Daka and Goossens, among others, are participating in the reintroduction of the mouth cap. “Security has been a priority throughout the crisis,” he says.

The signs and stickers at the Zeeman in Woerden have never been gone, says a store employee. And the local butcher has had a pole with disinfectant in front of the door for a while. The following applies to baker Van Maanen: whoever comes to get bread wears a mouth cap, whoever comes for lunch or coffee is given a QR scan.

A quick cut

“We just hung up the mudguards again,” says an employee of the bakery. And at hairdresser Cuts & Colors, employees are reluctant to wear a mouth cap again. A customer quickly goes for a haircut ‘without that cap’. The mudguards remain out of the business, but the attention to hygiene remains.

The average entrepreneur seems to shrug his shoulders a bit, it has to be done again. In fact, that policy was already there. But it is not always wholeheartedly, says Te Grotenhuis. “Every measure has an influence. On the staff, on the turnover and the organization. And the shopping experience of the customer.”

“We are convinced that we have to solve this together,” he says. Everything is being set up again, but some of the shopkeepers are grumbling, the industry knows.

Fear of QR

The retail sector mainly hopes that even more measures will not apply, such as the corona proof. The government is still considering this. “Shops have not been found to be a source of contamination in any list of authorities,” says Te Grotenhuis about it. “We have already proven that it is possible without a QR code.”

Whoever picks up a sandwich today at the local Délifrance, where the bomb is full during lunch, or goes shopping at Albert Heijn, thinks: no problem. It’s busy, as usual. And people – usually without a mask – walk and sit close to and next to each other.

Just open

The screens and corona signs are still far to be seen at the supermarket. But Albert Heijn says it is taking measures. The mouth cap is mandatory and the store advises customers to keep their distance. “Wagons and baskets are cleaned extra,” said a spokesperson.

“Tomorrow we will be open again”, is emphasized at Délifrance.

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