With portal axles, the Suzuki Jimny finally becomes an off-roader

The Suzuki Jimny is popular with tuners: It becomes the small G-Class or the shrunken Ford Bronco. Now Avus Automobile and Delta 4×4 have teamed up and given the small SUV portal axles! These alone provide twelve centimeters of additional ground clearance. The new chassis raises the car another 4.5 centimeters. To make the whole thing look good, the Jimny is of course no longer standing on its 15-inch standard rims with the small 195/80 tires. Instead, he gets BF Goodrich tires on optically matching 18-inch rims.

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The wheels also put the Suzuki higher again: by two centimeters. Overall, the tuning ensures that the Jimny has 40 centimeters of space under the differentials. That is almost twice as much as the series, which offers 21 centimeters. But the Jimny not only gets taller with the tuning, but also wider. Thanks to the wheel arch extensions, it increases by 80 millimeters on each side.

As a complete package, the car costs as much as three Jimnys

The off-road look is completed by a front bar that serves as a holder for additional lamps, a three-ton winch and a roof rack that is also equipped with additional lighting. There are also two switchable one-hundred percent locks. The overall package then costs as much as three Jimnys: Suzuki sells the car from 21,915 euros, a complete renovation costs 65,000 euros. Those who do without locks, brackets and roof racks get a little cheaper with 56,000 euros.

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