With Tesla Model S and Model 3: Luxury electric car Mercedes EQS sighted during tests

The forms of the series version are gradually becoming more recognizable for the Mercedes EQS, because prototypes have been spotted again on public roads. From 2021, the first Mercedes, developed as a purely electric car, should offer luxury like the previously released new S-Class – and at least according to the current status, more range than the Tesla Model S. Pictures of the current test drives also show that Tesla is the reference : There the electric Mercedes was accompanied by a Model S and a Model 3.

More range than Tesla Model S

The CEO of the board, Ole Källenius, confirmed at the Daimler Annual General Meeting in July that the Mercedes EQC would have a range of more than 700 kilometers after a single charge according to the European WLTP standard. The electric car will thus “set standards” and, with its production in Untertürkheim (for the batteries) and Sindelfingen, will also be a symbol of Germany’s future as an industrial location. With at least 700 kilometers, it would actually go further than the Tesla Model S, whose WLTP range is currently 610 kilometers.

If nothing changes until the market launch of the EQS next year, the Mercedes would probably be the first electric car to outperform a roughly comparable Tesla – in a way it would also match the special luxury standard. This continues in the interior: As with Tesla, most functions are controlled via touchscreen – but instead of one there are a whole range, as Mercedes recently demonstrated for the new S-Class and later for the EQS.

Mercedes EQS invariably with Teslas

It is not yet known with which battery size Mercedes wants to achieve the greater range. The EQV that can be ordered already contains 100 kilowatt hours, which is about as much as the Tesla Model S and Model X, but the range is significantly less. However, unlike the new luxury electric car, the electric van is based on a combustion platform, which has its limitations. The EQS should provide more space for batteries and the expected high price will also allow a higher capacity.

In addition, the electric luxury sedan makes a significantly more aerodynamic impression. The flowing forms of the study from 2019 will probably be preserved, show the Erlkönig pictures now published by InsideEVs. In an overview photo, a Mercedes EQS in camouflage dress drives in front, behind it a white Tesla Model 3, probably another EQS and then a Tesla Model S. Despite the same sedan format, the Mercedes looks higher than Model 3 and even more so than that Model S.

Tesla should add more batteries

The pure electrical architecture opens up new possibilities in car design, Daimler boss Källenius had said at the general meeting, and the Mercedes EQS seems to confirm this so far. However, Tesla could soon add to the luxury factor range: Model S and Model X should get a new drive with three motors and a larger battery, CEO Elon Musk announced. And he shouldn’t allow long to be out of the top with Tesla.


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