With the Bluetti AC500 you have green electricity everywhere

The Bluetti AC500 is a central control unit for the safe management of all current flows (both input and output). With the integrated inverter, the AC500 reliably converts the direct current produced by a PV system into alternating current. In the end, this results in a pure sine wave voltage with a consistently high quality – just like you are used to from a normal household socket. This is particularly important for sensitive electronics.
Bluetti AC500

Comfort like at home: The AC500 is also a reliable power supplier in the garden or when traveling to remote areas.

Since the power station offers many connection options, there is no built-in battery. Instead, you can connect up to six Bluetti B300S batteries to the AC500 and get a powerful 18kWh. If you then connect another AC500 with six batteries in series, you can even supply 240 V devices without any problems, since the total of 12 B300S batteries can achieve an impressive peak capacity of 36 kWh.

Easy to load

When it comes to charging, the best advantage of the Bluetti AC500 comes into play. Because the power station can not only be charged with an AC power supply unit at home or with a cigarette lighter while driving: the solar panel generates inexpensive green electricity with a MC4 cable. This not only saves you money, but you can also generate energy completely self-sufficiently and sustainably anywhere in the world during daylight hours. Your own solar power station for the balcony, garden or on the go.
Bluetti AC500

Whether you’re out and about, on the balcony, in the garden or at home: Thanks to solar panels, the Bluetti AC500 supplies you with green electricity anytime and anywhere.

Since the AC500 can even be charged in double or triple charging with the different charging options, the charging time is also very surprising. If you connect the power station and the batteries to the socket and solar modules at the same time, for example, it will be fully charged in just over an hour.

Can be used flexibly

Thanks to the two USB-C outputs with power delivery and 100 watts of power, you can easily charge your smartphone, tablet or laptop on the AC500. Of course, this can also be done by placing it in the wireless charging area, because the two wireless charging pads also have 15 watts of power. Connected in series, the AC500 can also supply large power guzzlers such as air conditioning systems, relieve the on-board electronics or operate small ovens or compressor coolers.
Bluetti AC500

The solar generator is particularly ideal for outdoor use.

In your own four walls, the AC500 can be connected directly to the mains power supply of the house and used as an emergency power supplier. With the powerful total capacity, the most important household appliances – from the coffee maker to the washing machine – can be supplied with electricity for days or even weeks. If you then use the solar panels for charging, the power consumption is also more environmentally friendly and cheaper.
Bluetti AC500

With the Bluetti AC500, all devices continue to be supplied with power even in the event of a power failure.

The best thing about it: The UPS function (Uninterrupted Power Supply) recognizes a power failure immediately and switches to battery operation within 20 ms. This means that the most important devices must be kept connected to the power supply at all times.

Thoughtful design

With a size of 52 x 32.5 x 35.8 centimeters and a weight of almost 30kg, the Bluetti AC500 is one of the larger power stations on the market. But it also offers a lot of power and space for different connections: Six sockets and a total of 16 different connection options are available.

In addition, the integrated display shows the incoming and outgoing current flow, the battery status and the remaining running time. The AC500 can also be controlled via the intuitively structured Bluetti app (via WiFi or Bluetooth), which provides additional information about the power station.

Bluetti AC500

If you have enough space in the vehicle, you can overlook the large dimensions of the AC500. However, the weight of around 30kg should always be taken into account when loading.

With most power stations, only the AC area is covered with rubber covers, if at all. Bluetti goes further with the AC500 and protects all connections from water and dirt with rubber. This is particularly advantageous for outdoor use.

Inputs and outputs of the Bluetti AC500 at a glance:

• 5x 230V/16A
• 1x 230V/32A
• 2x 100W max.
• 2x 5V/3A USB-A
• 2x 18W USB-A
• 1x 12V/30A (RV output)
• 1x 24V/10A (car socket)
• 2x 15W Max. QI loading area

Safe and reliable

In contrast to many other manufacturers, Bluetti does not use lithium cobalt oxide batteries for the B300 battery modules, but lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4). And this brings a decisive advantage: Even after more than 3,500 charging cycles, the LiFePo4 batteries still deliver up to 80% power. Depending on use, this corresponds to a service life of over 10 years!

In addition, LiFePo4 batteries offer greater protection against thermal runaway, which means that the risk of fire from the batteries is almost impossible. So if you want to use a solar generator in the camper, this safety factor is another clear advantage for the Bluetti AC500.

About the brand

The Chinese manufacturer BLUETTI has now gained more than ten years of experience on the market and thus offers a diverse range of high-quality products.

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