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With these 5 tips, your renovation will be cheaper

1. Demolish yourself

If you have to pay a demolition company for all your demolition work, it adds up. Instead, gather some friends or family with whom you can wreck a wonderful afternoon. Because, admit, just going all out with a demolition hammer can be nice, right?

2. See if you are getting a subsidy

Do you take energy-saving measures during your renovation? Then see if you can get a subsidy for this. This can save you a lot of money. You can check whether you receive a subsidy via the energy subsidy guide.

3. Compare quotes

Do not just agree with the first quotation you receive. Compare offers carefully and pay particular attention to what is included. Sometimes someone can seem very cheap, while later on there are all extra costs involved.

4. Check how someone works

Take a good look at how you are going to pay companies. Have you found a very good painter who finishes everything perfectly to perfection? Very nice of course, but this can mean that you are very expensive if you pay him an hourly rate. In this case it is better to agree on a fixed price. Try to ask about experiences with different companies in your area.

5. Go for second-hand

Not a lot of budget for the renovation? Then it makes a big difference to buy some things second-hand. Take a tour on Facebook, Marktplaats and in your area. Make sure that the quality is sufficient, you don’t want any mess in the house. But second-hand does not mean that something has to be of poor quality or full of traces of use. For example, if people have a lot of tiles left, you can get them cheaply while they are still brand new.


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