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With these drinks you can keep Dry January going for a while | Lifestyle


You have to be in Italy for this non-alcoholic drink. Still, after beer, Crodino is the best-selling non-alcoholic drink in Dutch supermarkets. This aperitif has been made according to an unchanged recipe since 1965. Thanks to a combination of mineral water, herbs, spices and fruits, Crodino tastes perfect with a snack board. Nice to serve this drink in a large wine glass filled with ice and a slice of orange.


A homegrown product, Fluère specializes in spirits without alcohol. You are in good hands with this brand, especially for a delicious gin and tonic. Take the 45ml Fluère Raspberry for example and add Schweppes Tonic with raspberries and dried orange peel as garnish.

Spanish wines

Wine shop Le Nord selected the best non-alcoholic wines to get through Dry January. According to them, you cannot miss two Spanish wines from wine brand Aldea. The red wine, made from the Tempranillo grape, has an attractive red color and vanilla and caramel notes. For the white wine, a Verdejo has been chosen, characterized by its spicy and fresh notes.

Gin-Tonic 0.0

Cape Town botanists developed the world’s first non-alcoholic gin and tonic. A Dutchman also contributed to the creation of The Duchess Botanical. The difference with the Fluère mentioned above is that this gin is already composed with tonic. You have different flavors, such as a pink gin and tonic with fragrant floral extracts or a gin and tonic garden-inspired extracts such as rosemary, lime leaves and cucumber. The plus is that this drink also looks fantastic.


There are plenty of alternatives to gin, while it is sometimes more difficult to find an alternative with other spirits. The non-alcoholic Rumish has succeeded in creating a good variant of rum. The drink contains 0.5 degrees of alcohol to preserve the flavors and therefore still falls into the category of non-alcoholic drinks. The beautiful bottle and taste ensure that you are not short of anything.


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